Tiniest pet shop is back.

I was feeling like I had nothing to write about. I felt nervous about every post and word written. Well I decided I'm not going to let what people might think of me affect my decision.

Stella is amazing. She is 14 months old going on 16 years old. She is funny and so very sassy. She constantly surprises me with how smart she is or the new things she is doing. I am so thankful that god gave me this precious girl. I plan on being greatful for everyday that is given to me. Every breath of life.

Stella's one year stats: 23 lbs, 29 1/2 inches tall
Stella says: dada, mama, papa, keeeee(kitty), tane tuu(thank you), Uuuk(up)and yeah
Stella signs: milk, more, all done and please
Stella loves: all animals, food, ice, water, her rocking horse, swings, swimming, dancing and books
Stella doesn't like: being told no, waiting for milk, and missing a beat

Feels good to be back.



As of lately, I've been super emotional and sentimental when it comes to this little lady. I probably should be flipping through newborn pictures so often because it makes me cry. I sit and think about who this little girl will be when she's older. What she'll be like and what she'll think of me.

I know a day will come when it won't be cool to give mama a hug. When she'll think I'm lame and "don't get it". When she'll only want to be around her daddy. I've been hugging and kissing Stella extra lately because of these thoughts. Growing up, I didn't have a very good relationship with my mom. I gave her (and my dad) one hell of a time raising me. And I just get so scared that, that will happen to our relationship.

I counted the weeks till her first birthday today. 8 weeks and 1 day. 8 WEEKS!! Makes my stomach turn.

I'm going to take these next few weeks very slowly. I'm going to try and soak up very single kiss and hug. It won't last forever. So I'm going to live in today.

Stella loving on daddy today at the park.



Good morning all! Yesterday was such a great day. Beautiful weather, my beautiful family and the night ended with a magazine and you've got mail while I was cozy in bed. Can't get much better than that, right? This time of year is so amazing. I can't wait for Christmas. Stella will go crazy. There is Christmas decorations up at our local mall and Stella screams with excitement. She has no idea what's in store for her.

In other news, my husband and I made the decision to move back to the coast. It was such a mistake to move back to the valley. We miss the fresh air, our friends, and the beautiful surroundings. We will have up sacrifice some spare/play money but it's worth it. Our new place has ocean view and it feels so safe. We get the keys in the beginning of December. Its going to be a very busy season. I'm dreading packing, again.

Until next time.



9 month update

This update comes a few weeks late.... My sweet girl is 9 months old.

Stella's stats: 18 lbs 2 oz & 27 1/2 inches long.

Stella is currently wearing 6-9 month clothes. She is eating finger foods and refuses to let me feed her with a spoon. She's crawling everywhere and fast at that. She is says Mama, Dada and hi. We think she's been saying dog but I can't confirm that yet.

Stella likes:
•daddy in the day, mama at night
•All animals
•being chased when she crawls
•eating, especially chicken and cheese
•being outside
•being tickled
•pushed in a swing
•her Grammy & Papa

Stella doesn't like:
•missing anything
•car rides over an hour and thirty minutes
•taking anything away from her, especially our phones
•when bath time is over



Halloween has came and went. And I being the forgetful mother forgot to update about that and her 9 month birthday.

Halloween was so much fun. Stellie looked adorable in her sushi costume. The day went by so quickly. I can't believe it's almost christmas. Christmas!

Here are a few pictures of Stella on Halloween.



Sorry about my absence the past week. Our mini vacation took a scary turn when Stella came down with a 102.3 degree temp and a pneumonia scare. Thankfully she started to show signs of feeling a lot better at the end and we were able to enjoy the trip. It turned out to just be a really nasty cold.

Anyway, Auston has been out of town so it's been me and Stella this week. She hasn't been acting like herself. Lots and lots of crying. I think it has to do with her antibiotics. The doctor told me it could hurt her tummy but he didn't know it would also ruin an entire week.

All I can say is thank God Auston is coming home today. I am beyond exhausted and run down.

I'll leave you all with a picture of my sweet girl acting sweet.


At the risk of sounding like a bad mother

For the past several weeks Stella has been very consistent with her sleeping rituals. She wakes up 7:15 on the dot every morning, she then takes her first nap at 9 and again at 2:30. Her bedtime is around 8pm, but the past two days she's gone to bed at 6:30. Hopefully I don't jinx it by this post but, hot damn it's been wonderful!! All the extra time I have to pick up the house and have a peaceful dinner and spend some much needed alone time/quality time with my husband. It's exactly what we needed. I don't think I mentioned it but we have been fighting illness in our house for the past week. The day before our wedding reception I went to urgent care with a horrible ear ache and headache. Well it turned out I hade a double ear infection. Double ear infection + a crying baby= horrendous. I also developed a bad cold and sadly so did Stella. I love Stella, but sick Stella is very difficult. I felt bad for her and for me. We are both starting to feel much better.... Thank you sweet baby Jesus!

Off to the beach tomorrow for a fun weekend with the babe, hubs, and our sweet friends. I can't wait.

Also, the picture above is of Stella and her best friend Emma. I just love this picture so much. I can't wait to see them grow up together!