Tiniest pet shop is back.

I was feeling like I had nothing to write about. I felt nervous about every post and word written. Well I decided I'm not going to let what people might think of me affect my decision.

Stella is amazing. She is 14 months old going on 16 years old. She is funny and so very sassy. She constantly surprises me with how smart she is or the new things she is doing. I am so thankful that god gave me this precious girl. I plan on being greatful for everyday that is given to me. Every breath of life.

Stella's one year stats: 23 lbs, 29 1/2 inches tall
Stella says: dada, mama, papa, keeeee(kitty), tane tuu(thank you), Uuuk(up)and yeah
Stella signs: milk, more, all done and please
Stella loves: all animals, food, ice, water, her rocking horse, swings, swimming, dancing and books
Stella doesn't like: being told no, waiting for milk, and missing a beat

Feels good to be back.