At the risk of sounding like a bad mother

For the past several weeks Stella has been very consistent with her sleeping rituals. She wakes up 7:15 on the dot every morning, she then takes her first nap at 9 and again at 2:30. Her bedtime is around 8pm, but the past two days she's gone to bed at 6:30. Hopefully I don't jinx it by this post but, hot damn it's been wonderful!! All the extra time I have to pick up the house and have a peaceful dinner and spend some much needed alone time/quality time with my husband. It's exactly what we needed. I don't think I mentioned it but we have been fighting illness in our house for the past week. The day before our wedding reception I went to urgent care with a horrible ear ache and headache. Well it turned out I hade a double ear infection. Double ear infection + a crying baby= horrendous. I also developed a bad cold and sadly so did Stella. I love Stella, but sick Stella is very difficult. I felt bad for her and for me. We are both starting to feel much better.... Thank you sweet baby Jesus!

Off to the beach tomorrow for a fun weekend with the babe, hubs, and our sweet friends. I can't wait.

Also, the picture above is of Stella and her best friend Emma. I just love this picture so much. I can't wait to see them grow up together!

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