Sorry about my absence the past week. Our mini vacation took a scary turn when Stella came down with a 102.3 degree temp and a pneumonia scare. Thankfully she started to show signs of feeling a lot better at the end and we were able to enjoy the trip. It turned out to just be a really nasty cold.

Anyway, Auston has been out of town so it's been me and Stella this week. She hasn't been acting like herself. Lots and lots of crying. I think it has to do with her antibiotics. The doctor told me it could hurt her tummy but he didn't know it would also ruin an entire week.

All I can say is thank God Auston is coming home today. I am beyond exhausted and run down.

I'll leave you all with a picture of my sweet girl acting sweet.


  1. something must be going around :/ violet was sick too! glad your little love is doing better. saw your sis last night, wished you were around! Violet and Stella need to be buds

  2. Hope Violet is feeling better! I saw the picture of my sister and vi on the piano an got really jealous that I wasn't there! One day!! Perhaps I'll have to invite you guys to her first birthday that is quickly approaching.