The last three days, that Auston has been gone, have been the hardest three days in a really really long time. Stella is teething and is letting me know how much she hates it. I've been using the HYLAND teething tablets and oragel. I tried giving her a semi-frozen wash cloth and letting her chew on almost anything. Nothing seems to be helping. It's heart breaking and nerve wearing.

A few people I follow on instagram suggested trying a amber necklace. In my mind I think, what the hell can beads do? But at this point I'm desperate for anything to help, so I ordered them. I'm really hoping these beads will be my lifeline.

Since the extreme teething has begun there has been no real napping. She is crabby all day long, except for a two hour window in the afternoon where we can actually play. She hasn't wanted to eat any real food. Which makes me concerned she's not getting enough nourishment. Spitting up like crazy. All together it's been hell in a hand basket. Needless to say, I'm EXHAUSTED.

Here's a picture of my sweet girl in the window of time when she's still sweet.

P.s. Do you think I should take Stella to the pediatrician just incase she has a ear infection or something else that could be contributing to grumpiness?

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